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When an office space is accessible to clients or extra security is a concern, we can build the system into a larger cabinet to house all of the equipment and cover it with a locking steel door.

This full featured system provides the standard 2-way communication, HD video recording to a thumb drive and wireless bluetooth earbuds for the client.

Turn key operation allows for quick start up and minimal controls during operation allowing you to focus on your client, rather than the equipment.  

A pan/tilt/zoom joystick allows you to follow the session as it moves around the room and zoom in for better detail when needed.

A highly sensitive microphone is installed in the ceiling.  Professional, pre-set audio equipment control the volume and signal flow so everyone hears what they want crystal clear. Upto 6 people can plug into the system with headphones to monitor a session.

The standard trainer headset plugs into the system allowing you to hear and speak to the client. A mute switch is provided for your headset. 

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