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Williams Audio Services is a small family run business that was founded in 1990.  Fred Williams, started the business part time in addition to his full time job for the Air Force. Fred had a background in TV and radio repair as well as live theatre. Fred both acted on stage and ran the soundboard in the tech booth, which gave him a unique skill of knowing how to design sound from both technician and actor point of views.  Footsteps his son Kevin would also follow in.  He started providing sound services to local school theatre programs.  At first he just provided equipment rentals for plays and musicals but soon started installing upgraded sound systems.  Williams Audio was also tasked to provide sound systems to churches and community programs like Kiwanis or Rotary.  Whenever a customer had a problem with sound, Fred always found a solution.

Williams Audio found a customer niche in “the small job”.  Simple fixes, rentals or upgrades to school, church and business sound systems.  Jobs that were too small for companies from Los Angeles to come out and do, that’s where Williams Audio came in.  This part time job was more passion than work for Fred, and he was happy to keep prices affordable to these smaller clients, which led to a rapid spread of word of mouth advertising.  Before long, Williams Audio was the go to provider for the Inland Empire, Orange Co and even Los Angeles.

When Fred retired from the Air Force in 1992 he pursued the Williams Audio business full time.  Through this time, Fred’s son Kevin was learning the trade from the age of 11, hauling speakers, running cables and eventually running the sound boards.  As Kevin got older he started helping with the installation jobs and took over business operations with his wife Jennifer in 2010 when Fred retired again, this time from Williams Audio.

For 30 plus years, Williams Audio Services has extended its services to include audio/video systems for conference rooms and equipment for the mental health industry.  In 2008 Williams Audio provided its first PCIT (Parent Child Interactive Therapy) system to a local company in Redlands, CA. Quickly Williams Audio was recognized by UC Davis in Sacramento, a primary PCIT trainer and before long Williams Audio was providing equipment all over the state of California.  Since that time, Williams Audio has become the industry leader in equipment for services like PCIT, PC-CARE, MDFT and more.  Williams Audio has gone from local to international with clients in 25 states and Canada.  Williams Audio continues to expand its services with sound masking privacy speaker systems. To this day, Williams Audio continues to be a small family run business.

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